Аудио-инсталляция "Вигадки" была записана и экспонирована на западе Украины в Карпатах на горе Драгобрат. Стилистически, "Вигадки" отсылают к народному фольклору - сказкам, легендам, преданиям, мистическим историям.Текст записывался на диктофон во время прогулок: эпизод за эпизодом, а первые его фрагменты были надиктованы на качели, где в последствие и была реализована аудио-инсталляция. Визуальный и звуковой ландшафт этого места, плюс сама эстетика размеренного времяпрепровождения на природе, погружают в особое состояние, которое располагает услышать свой внутренний голос. Через некоторое время текст начал жить своей жизнью: его отдельные эпизоды стали цитироваться слушателями, с характерной для устного  повествования вариативностью изложения так авторский  текст  перетекает в фольклор продолжая свое развитие за  пределы инсталляции.

"Tellings" - an audio installation which was recorded and exhibited in the western Ukraine in the Carpathians in the foot of Dragobrat Mountain. Stylistically, "Tellings" refer to the folklore tradition - fairy tales, legends, stories. If in Carpathian tales, the main emphasis is on social relations and the assertion of moral principles and convictions, and where the moralization is the culmination of the text, then "Tellings" is a pure introspection in itself. Here, the semantic emphasis is aime for reconciliation with a being of the viewer, with its flow of all/possible and unexplained — it pushes into the pool of memory. The world described in "Tellings" is not evaluated with a plus or minus sign – it's totally ambivalent. "Tellings" can be listened from any moment - their narrative strategy only refers to the stories so familiar from the childhood, quoting cliches from the people's epos, but without extra details. Here, the listener, through an individual attentiveness and memory fills the gaps inside the plot . The text was recorded during the walks: episodically, a line by line, and its first fragments were dictated on a swing, where the audio installation was subsequently implemented. The visual and sound landscape of this place, plus the very aesthetics of a measured pastime in nature is immersed in a special state that disposes to hear your inner voice. After a while, the text began to live its own life: its individual episodes began to be cited by listeners, with a common variability in the verbal narration. Thus, the author's original text flows into folklore, and the installation itself as the original source is expanding its borders of existance. It's worth mentioning the fact that people for whom the Ukrainian isn't the basic colloquial also resorted to the original citing.